Who am I and why am I offering this course.

My name is Anouka. I was happily married to my husband Hans, with two boys, Alexander 6 and Thomas 3 and a half. On the 14th of February 2015 we experienced a devastating event, which changed our lives forever. I was 39 at the time. My husband Hans, 38 and my son Alexander age 6, passed away in an aeroplane accident on that day.

Our hearts were crushed with this tragic event and I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to continue on in this world. “How am I going to live every day, how am I going to sleep again, eat again, laugh again, go to work again, deal with this massive loss every day and live life every day?”

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These were questions I did not know how to answer at the time.

But, over time, learning to apply certain skills and tools, and with effort, I was able to learn to deal with this. Time does not heal. It is an active process which you choose to engage in and need to work through.

Finally, years later, having dealt with this, I am able to feel fully happy and peaceful again within myself. I am able to sleep again, eat again, work again, laugh again and living, with the loss, a full life on a daily basis.

This was all done without any medication – purely just by myself. And, if I can do this, then anyone is capable of doing this.

If you are on this difficult road, not only do I know how you feel, but will also understand where you find yourself. It is hard and difficult and a tough road. Based on my personal experience I will help you with deal with this by offering these skills, tools, information and guidance, in the hope that it will provide you and your loved ones with some comfort and that you too, are able to go on with your life too and even experience joy again!

Nothing I say or do will make them come back to this physical life, however, the Universe wants you to be there for yourself and with the right perspective, this challenging time is an opportunity to deepen your connection to your soul and to learn why you are here in this life.

I can give you the assurance that no one ever truly dies and that we will be re-united with our loved ones again.

This information course will show you what the road looks like ahead and in a practical manner, show and support you in how to cope and deal with it. Even if you are still struggling with the loss after a few years, this course will help you.